About our Packaging

About our Packaging

Beautiful packaging makes you look good.

Good taste and Finer Cookies never go out of style.

You want to both please yourself and make an impression—socially and professionally. Looking good counts. We guarantee that you and everyone you know will be very pleased with our elegant “statement” packaging. 

For example, our high-quality, reusable Rose Pink and Gold Gift Boxes feature a metallic gold border. This makes them perfect for gifts, favors, showers or decoration. Inside the boxes you’ll find individually-packaged cookies featuring artfully hand-written labels. It’s little touches like these that make Finer Cookies an elegant treat you’ll want to indulge in with anticipation and pleasure. 

The Finer Cookie offers you a number of attractive packaging options. They include stylish favor boxes, elegant signature bags, and gold-trimmed gift boxes in Snow White, Rose Pink, or Tiffany Blue.

Signature Gift Boxes

Individually Wrapped Cookies in Signature Boxes

Individually Wrapped Cookies in Signature Boxes

Signature Gift Boxes

Individually Wrapped Cookies

Complimentary Gift Boxes

Branded Gift Boxes

Customized Gift Boxes

Party Favour Boxes

Retail Boxes

Party Favour Boxes

Holiday Gift Boxes

Party Bags

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