Frequently Asked Questions

What type of ingredients does The Finer Cookie use?

We handcraft our cookies using selected flours, butters, chocolates, nuts, seeds, fruits, and other yummy ingredients. Our cookies are low in sugar, sweet, savory, tart, and flavorful, but never cloying. None of The Finer Cookie’s products contain preservatives or trans fats.

Do your cookies contain nuts, dairy, or sugar?

Yes, they do. We do not recommend The Finer Cookie’s products to those with nut, dairy, sugar, or related allergies.

Tell me about your delivery services.

The Finer Cookie ships from its kitchen facility in Montréal, Québec, Canada. We deliver to anywhere within Canada or the United States, excluding the Yukon, Alaska, Hawaii, and the Virgin Islands.

To ensure freshness, we ship our cookies on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for orders received before Wednesday 10am (EST). Orders placed on other days or on holidays will be shipped the next available shipping date.

FedEx, DHL, UPS, Canada Post and the US Postal Service will carry your cookies right to your door. Whenever possible, your cookies will be shipped two-day delivery. Overnight service is available upon request. Saturday delivery can be arranged as well.

Deliveries within the Greater Montréal region will be shipped by same day messenger service.

*** Please note that shipments are subject to delay due to (very rare) weather and delivery conditions.

Do I have to be home to receive my cookie package?

All orders are shipped without signature required. If the driver sees fit to leave the box in a reasonably safe place, he will do so. Otherwise he will return it to the depot. Second attempt delivery charges may apply. The Finer Cookie Corporation is not responsible for the condition of cookies left unattended or in the care of a neighbor. We cannot guarantee or provide refunds for any packages damaged or delayed in delivery due to the recipient not being home, or in cases of other conditions beyond our control.

Do you keep cookies cool during shipment?

Many of our cookies must be sent in insulated packages to ensure they arrive fresh. We pack these cookies cold or frozen with reusable gel packs that stay cool for approximately 48 hours.

Can I send cookie samplers to multiple shipping addresses in one order?

Yes you can. Just call or email us to arrange this.

Does The Finer Cookie prepare cookies for weddings, birthday parties and other happy events?

The Finer Cookie offers you an extraordinary array of tasteful, delicious, and memorable cookie gifts and dessert table options for your party, wedding guests, and other happy events. To consider your options, simply call 514. 973. 3060. or e-mail kim@thefinercookie.com.

Does The Finer Cookie fill corporate orders?

Yes, we do. And we know how to make your clients and colleagues happy in a way that only fresh cookies can.

Are you in real-estate? Send a beautifully-packaged box of cookies as a housewarming gift. You’ll be remembered and recommended.

Are you in the pharmaceutical industry? Bring elegantly-packaged cookies to the clinics and doctors you service. They’ll love you even more.

Are you in the film industry? Send exquisitely-packaged cookies to your lead actor or actress, or to the entire cast and crew. Better performances make better films.

Are you in tourism and hospitality? Leave a delightful cookie package on each of your guest’s pillows as a token of your care, professionalism, and attention to detail.

*** Brighten all your business meetings, events, and personal thank you’s with fresh, gourmet cookie ideas. Call 514. 973. 3060. or e-mail kim@thefinercookie.com.

Can I schedule recurring orders?

You can schedule orders to ship at any interval you like. Each shipment can include a different assortment or the same box of cookies, your choice.

How should I best store Finer Cookies?

Cookies will stay fresh for approximately one week in your fridge, or up to five days at room temperature. If your cookies arrive in an insulated shipper, it’s best to chill them for a few hours before indulging. If you wish, you can always freeze your Finer Cookies for up to 30 days.

Are you baking the cookies I order from your home kitchen?

The Finer Cookie bakes in a state-of-the-art, modern, commercial kitchen that meets all Canadian and Québec Provincial standards and regulations for health and safety. But please be aware that this shared Montreal kitchen is not allergy-free. Our cookies do contain eggs, dairy and wheat, and may also include tree nuts. Anyone with related allergies should avoid consuming these cookies.

*** When I prepare cookies for the recipe posts on The Finer Cookie website, yes, I do bake those cookies at home. This ensures a successful outcome for the home baker.

Are the clear bags in which receive the cookies food safe?

Yes. But if you wish, you can transfer your cookies into an airtight container.

Is it possible to order cookies I find on your website that aren’t for sale in The Bake Shop?

If you find a cookie on our website perfect for your party, event, gift or personal use, we will do our best to accommodate you.

Do you guarantee your product?

Your satisfaction is our ultimate concern. As soon as your cookies are out of the oven and sufficiently cool, they’re carefully packaged in clear, food-safe bags for maximum freshness and safe delivery. We apologize for the occasional, unavoidably broken cookie.

We cannot guarantee or refund any packages damaged or delayed in delivery due to the recipient not being home or conditions beyond our control. These factors may include, but are not limited to, weather, traffic delays, mechanical error, strikes, or inaccurate shipping information. Please double-check your delivery information before checkout.

Why do you have recipes available for the cookies you sell?

The Finer Cookie website offers you hundreds of easy-to-follow cookie recipes, with hows and whys, instructional photos, and videos.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes. To change or cancel an order, please call 514. 973. 3060. All orders must be cancelled 24 hours in advance. No cancellations, refunds or credits will be granted after this time period, as all products are baked to order.