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A COOKIE WONDERLAND OF DISCRIMINATING ADULTS, PICKY CHILDREN AND LUCKY DOGS just got Finer. The well-regarded Cookiedom has refurbished its website. Its avenues and village squares now feature fresh and engaging mini-essays, highlighting even more delectable recipes, copious photography, step-by-step visual instructions, and illuminating video tutorials. It’s a rabbit hole to a tasty Wonderland of Finer Cookiedom.

“Cookies are yummy, portable, and amusing,” says the indefatigable team of Kimberlie Robert, Executive Cookie Maker, Kimberlie Robert, Photographer, and Kimberlie Robert, Writer. “Visions of sugar plum cookies tango daily in my heads.”

Discriminating adults favour the rich, citrusy Orange Truffles, the Lemony Coconut Bars with Candied Kumquats, and the Rosemary Cookies with Tomato Jam. Picky children demand progress reports on the new Raspberry Marshmallows. And The Finer Cookie’s Director of Barketing — Alfie the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever — has given his paw of approval to the new bacon and liver dog treats, nicknamed “Alfies.”

“The Finer Cookie experience escorts you through the entire process of creating perfect cookies, with step-by-step photos and clear-cut instructions,” says Robert. “It’s friendly, intimate, light-hearted fun, aimed at beginners, veteran bakers, and cookie connoisseurs. The philosophy? Easy, never-too-sweet cookies, cakes, tarts, and breads, with expert guidance and instructions that make you want to mix, bake and create.

“The Finer Cookie encourages, cheers, and even emboldens the rise of the cookie class system. For example, on the new Hows & Whys page, How to Bake Like Napoleon says:

Imagine a Zen-like imperial aura as you calmly bake. No scramble, no jostle, no muddle through chaos. Relax. Contemplate creamy, aromatic, and divine Chocolate Coconut Passion Brownies. You are the Monarch of the Spoon, the Sovereign of the Spatula, the Mikado of Butter.

And if, in the process, you also become mixed up in the worldwide Finer Cookie uprising, you make people happy.”

Kimberlie Robert
Tel: 514. 973. 3060.



The Cookie Monster won a quiz show and for winning was given the choice of $10,000 cash, a new car, a trip to Hawaii, or a cookie. He took the cookie.  

Generations of Sesame Street fans can identify. We love the Cookie Monster and his obsession with cookies. My own obsession with Cereal Marshmallow Bars, Animal Pancakes, and Enchanted Castle Cake began on my parents’ Saturday night out. I was a ten-year-old cookie monster mad about chocolate chips, sprinkles, whipped cream, and other food groups.

While the babysitter watched horror movies with my five-year-old sister, I mustered the flour, sugar, mixing bowls, spoons, and Betty Crocker’s New Boys and Girls Cookbook. Thinking it would make everything better, I switched up baking powder for soda, added extra sugar, and increased baking temperatures to save time. My grandmother grinned as she munched, very carefully, on my cardboard brownies and Listerine lemon snaps. She convinced me that my cookies were better than her cookies. That kept me going.


Whether you’re a beginner or a connoisseur, The Finer Cookie is your Cookiedom of simple, easy, and fun recipes, presented in a format that even the cookie monster can understand. You will here discover the delightful and inspiring art and science of creating and enjoying finer cookies.

The Finer Cookie is a collection of my best cookies, and the favourites of my friends and family. I am a self-taught baker, and a really good one. I’m here to coach, encourage, share, and let the sweet magic of cookie creation become part of your life.

The Finer Cookie cookies are flavourful and satisfying treats that are never too sweet and usually easy to make. You can devour them for breakfast, savour them as an afternoon pleasure, and abandon yourself to them as a midnight sin. You’ll want to give them as gifts, just to witness the wow-face, the how-did-you-do-it-face, the surprised and satisfied look on the faces of family, friends, and colleagues. This look says: how can a simple-looking cookie be so perfectly delicious and unique?


Browse my site for cookies that are crunchy, chocolatey, citrusy, low in sugar, gluten-free, sexy, etc. The Finer Cookie will delight you with mouth-watering photos, how-to video tutorials, and printable recipes. To sweeten up your inbox subscribe to my blog.


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Kimberlie Robert
Tel: 514. 973. 3060.