Strong Bones Cookie Sampler

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The Finer Cookie and Pilates for Every Body have teamed up to offer a delicious cookie sampler that not only tastes amazing, but is good for your bones. Yes, cookies can promote bone health if they contain certain ingredients like dark chocolate, sesame seeds, sweet potato and dates. Cookies made with these ingredients provide essential magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, copper, and zinc that our bones need to be strong. No need to eliminate lightly sweetened snacks for the sake of your health. The cookies in this sampler have flavour and texture that will surprise and delight you. The Strong Bones Cookie Box, together with Penelope's Gentle Pilates Series of workshops, courses and programs help you live a well-balanced life.

Strong Bones Cookie Sampler contains:

Molasses Sponge Toffee
Salty Sesame and Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies
Sweet Potato Panellets with Cardamom 
Cinnamon Chocolate Date Truffles

The Full Box contains 6 cookies each of  4 flavours listed above. Total is 2 dozen cookies (24 cookies).
The Demi-Box contains 4 cookies each of 4 flavours. Total of 16 cookies.


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From the start, my dealings with Kim of The Finer Cookie has been a terrific experience! It started with a couple of us from NY wanting to take advantage of “The Strong Bones Cookie Box” offer. Penny Shure, Pilates instructor extraordinaire ( raved about Kim’s cookies. As I looked at the website, I realized this would be a great “thank you” treat for my best clients. After being assured the cookies would be fresh for 6 weeks in the freezer, I ordered a sizable quantity. I was astounded by the quick receipt of the freshly baked cookies, packed in beautiful packaging. Moreover, I was delighted by the unique ingredients that makes the cookies different from the rest! Each cookie is as scrumptious as the next….the healthy gluten free Sweet Potato Panellets, the surprising ingredients in Peanut Butter Cookies with Bacon, the chipotle in the Mole Cookies, and the sesame seeds on the dark chocolate chip cookies…and my personal favorite, Lemon cookies with white chocolate and mint! Decadent!! I delivered my first round of cookies yesterday and I received a call from one commercial client thanking me for the “SPECIAL TREAT”!
Gina (2018-06-13)

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