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Murphy   2019-05-10

Hi Kimberlie, I am wondering why subsequent batches from the same batter baked differently and if you could help me troubleshoot . The first batch came out looking perfect but after they cooled and I picked them up, I found that there was a hollow just inside the top. Additionally, I thought they were too soft I baked them for 14 minutes. at 300° Not convection. The second batch I baked for 15 minutes and they browned on top but did have that little crunch. I went back to 14 minutes for the third batch and they looked great initially but got wavy tops as they cooled. The fourth batch I cooked for 14 minutes and they had no hollows but the feet kind of spread. The only thing that I know was different of the ones that were baked for 14 minutes was that they sat longer on the counter after being piped while the other batches were in the oven . I’d love any help you could give me. I did take pictures if that would help!

Kim 2019-05-11

Hi Misty, Thanks very much for your good questions. Let me say first, there are several methods for making successful macarons. It depends on your equipment, where you live, the temperature and relative humidity of your kitchen. There is always methods to compensate for the obstacles, but it will likely be different for everyone. I'm constantly learning and adjusting my methods as I go. When I originally wrote this post, I was still in my home kitchen. I hadn't yet moved into my big kitchen with commercial convection ovens - ovens that won't allow me to turn off the fans. Those ovens changed my baking times and overall experience. Baking macaron in my big ovens produced hollow shells batch after batch. So frustrating. Now I think I've finally moved past the problem. Here's what I did. BATCH ONE - HOLLOW SHELLS: Once I was forced to use convection, I compensated by lowering the temperature to 265 and increasing the baking time. I got hollow shells everytime. What was happening was the shell set firmly and the foot baked through, but the center remained soft (as it should). Out of the oven, the soft center deflated (naturally) and left a hollow shell. So I increased the temperature to 300 and decreased the baking time. Hollow shells went away. The macaron look very tall in the oven, but deflate somewhat as they cooled. The difference is the foot isn't baked firmly so when the shell cools the whole thing settles, not just the interior. Does this make sense? The second thing that I did was bake the macaron in 3 minute intervals, opening the oven to let out the steam. I did this a total of 9 minutes. This kept the shell from bursting and heaving. The third thing I did was rapp the trays hard on the table 3 times. Some people swear by this, but I wasn't convinced until I saw Pierre Herme do this and insist it's critical for success. Okay. I tried this to see what kind of difference it makes. Yes, I think the macaron bake more evenly. CONCLUSION: First let me say congratulations. It seems as though you mixed the batter properly. Now you must figure out the baking time. If you haven't already, you might want to verify your oven temperature with a simple thermometer. Your oven might run a little cooler than mine, which could explain the hollow shells. IF the temperature is good, try decreasing the time you're baking the shells. Or increase the oven temp to 315 and bake in 3 minute intervals. Know that when the shells are done, they will feel dry to the touch, and the center will remain soft. That's the delicious part. Also remember that steam and humidity are not your friends when making macaron shells. If there's too much steam and humidity in the batter, the shells will heave and break,. Opening the oven door everything three minutes really helps control the baking. Reducing humidity in the batter is a separate problem that I can explain another time. BATCH 2 - BROWN TOPS: Yeah baking too long will brown the tops. This is normal. BATCH 3 - WRINKLED SKIN: This happens when the shells develop too much skin. If you feel they are developing too much skin, while they wait for the other trays to bake, go ahead and bake two trays at a time. BATCH 4: When you say the feet spread, do you mean the cap sunk into the feet? Not sure I follow you here. Bottom line, macaron take a little practice, but not that much that anyone should feel daunted by the attempt. The reward is so great. If you'd like to continue the conversation, feel free to e-mail me or even call. The phone number is on the contact page. I'm happy to discuss it further. Best to you, Kim BTW, I'll be updating the post. Thank you for your questions.

Tracy   2017-11-27

How long will the finished cookie last, after a 24 hr freeze?

Kimberlie 2017-11-28

Hi Tracy, That initial freeze really sets the texture and marries the flavours. But it's not always practical to eat them all right away. Keep them in the freezer for 2-3 weeks or more. The longer they stay frozen, the flavour will diminish over time, and so will the texture. The shell will absorb some moisture from the buttercream, even in the freezer. With enough time, they'll become a bit soggy. Even then, they're still good. I highly recommend individually wrapping them in plastic. It will protect them from breaking and will protect them from each other. And from freezer humidity too. Thanks for your question. Best, Kim

Terri   2017-02-07

I've never made macaron. How long does it take to make them from start to finish?

Kimberlie 2017-02-08

Oh good question. If you were to take your time, I'd say one morning or less. Make the lemon curd ahead of time. This will keep perfectly overnight in the fridge. For the buttercream, set out the ingredients that need to be at room temperature the night before. The secret to smooth assembly is the mise en place. Really get yourself ready before you begin. This will take the stress out of the moment. I'm always available for you throughout your process. Contact me if you get into trouble or have questions along the way.

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