18 mai 2016



TAGS:  dates   north african   pastry   sesame seeds   orange       LABELS: Low Sugar  No Bake  Nut and Seed 

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Raymund   2017-01-04

I saw this at Cultureatz and I do like the idea of cooking together, This is the first time I head about this cookies and it looks delish

Kimberlie 2017-01-04

Hi Raymund, Thanks so much for your message. Evelyn at Cultureatz is a talented woman with a wonderful blog. Cooking together worked out very well. Hopefully you have a chance to make these cookies. So worth the time. The filling sings with flavour. Keep in touch.

Hilary   2017-01-04

Thank you Kim for hosting, and thank you for showing us the way to make these delicious cookies! I had never deep fried before, but after watching you do it, I think I might just try it :) Gotta get me a deep fry thermometer though! And I loved the date-orange filling in your cookies!! :)

Kimberlie 2017-01-04

Hilary, Gosh the pleasure was all mine having you. I enjoyed your company. What makes me happy is that you were comfortable in my kitchen.

Evelyne Cultureatz   2017-01-04

Thank you so much Kimberley for opening up your home to us. it was indeed a truly memorable and fun day. And it could not have ended on a sweeter note then with your Makroub, I am already addicted to dates and orange blossom syrups, they were so good!

Kimberlie 2017-01-04

Hi Evelyne, It was a super fun day together. We were all so intuitive with each other, and it made the day stress free. Thanks for your nice words about the Makroud. They were a perfect ending to our North African afternoon!

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