18 aot 2015



TAGS:  orange   peach   ricotta cheese       LABELS: Paques  Citrus 

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Eric Siegwart   2018-11-22

Can these peaches be frozen when completed? I seem to remember my mother freezing them for longer storage!

Kimberlie 2018-11-23

Hhmm. I haven't tried to freeze them. The cookie would freeze perfectly. No problem there. Not sure about the ricotta filling. Freezing won't change the flavour of the filling, but it might change the texture. Ricotta cheese contains a great deal of water. When frozen, it'll separate from the curd. So the cookie might absorb the moisture leaving the filling drier. That would be my guess. Maybe try to freeze just a couple and test them in the morning. If your mother was successful, maybe you should try. Let me know, Kim

LonnieSmall   2018-02-16

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Janelle   2018-02-13

Under the Mise en Place steps, it mentions lemon zest...where did the lemon zest come from? I'm not seeing any listed in the original ingredients...Is this in addition to the orange zest already added into the ricotta?

Kimberlie 2018-02-13

Hi Janelle, I believe I deleted the lemon zest in the cookie recipe because when it was baked, the lemon flavour disappeared. You caught my error. I didn't delete it from the instructions. Very astute of you. Thank you for mentioning it. The correction has been made.

Brooke   2017-08-23

Any ideas on why the tops of my cookies split?

Kimberlie 2017-08-23

Hi Brooke, The tops of your cookies split? Hhmm. Two things come to mind, when you formed each ball, was your dough smooth, pliable and well emulsified? I found it really takes an effort to completely blend all the bits of dough into a smooth, round ball before you baked them. Or could your oven have been too hot? This would have forced the moisture out up and out the top or sides. Could either of these options been possible? Let me know. Best, Kim

gm diet   2017-01-06

These are beautiful. Thanks so much for coming by.

Charlene   2017-01-06

Kim! These are beautiful - I love your site as well. How long does it take to make this cookies from start to finish? See you at FBC 2016!!

Kimberlie 2017-01-06

Hi Charlene, Thanks so much for coming by. These cookies are really quite easy and not technical at all. They are done in three stages: the cookie, the filling, and then the painting. Each step is super easy. Overall time I'd say would be 2hs or 2.5hs all together, but if you spread it out and do each step as it fits in with your day, you shouldn't find it too fussy. Let me know how they turn out. I'm very interested.

faithy   2017-01-06

These are gorgeous! These have to eat right away? Cannot keep for a few days once the filling is in right?

Kimberlie 2017-01-06

They are best eaten within the first few days. Let me know how it goes Faithy.

Alice   2017-01-06

These are so beautiful, Kim! I also love all the pictures you took while making the cookies, I love seeing the process. :)

Kimberlie 2017-01-06

Thank you Alice!

Patricia Dumais   2017-01-06

These cookies are just beautiful, and I bet they are as delicious as they look!

Kimberlie 2017-01-06

Thank you Patricia! So nice of you to say.

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