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1 fvrier 2015



TAGS:  BAKING BIBLE   brownies   chocolate       LABELS: Alpha Bakers 

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Terri   2017-01-07

OMG! That look amazing! Decadent. Did you top it off with edible gold? I'll bet it would be wonderful with home made vanilla ice cream.

Alanna @ One Tough Cookie   2017-01-07

I had no idea that a combination of two of my favourite desserts out there (brownies and tarts) could exist as one superdessert! Thank you for sharing, Kim. I know I'd love something like that on my birthday; I'm sure your dish went over splendidly

Kimberlie 2017-01-07

Thanks Alanna, It was a "superdessert" if you are a chocolate lover. Birthdays are the big holidays in this house. It was a fun night. Thanks for your visit, and keep up that great work in the photo studio.

Catherine   2017-01-07

That sounds like a perfect birthday, or any day really. I've just invested in a pastry cutter but I don't think I'd try it with this dough. Kudos to you for persisting.

Kimberlie 2017-01-07

Thanks Catherine. When the pastry comes out well, I feel a great sense of accomplishment. When you do take your pastry cutter out for a spin, let me know how it goes.

Rose Levy Beranbaum   2017-01-07

what a stunning final photo!

Kimberlie 2017-01-07

Thank you Rose. That's nice.

faithy   2017-01-07

I like how you bake into square tart pan. Looks delicious too! Happy be-lated Birthday to your husband!

Kimberlie 2017-01-07

Thanks Faithy. I've just passed on the happy birthday to Captain. He said thanks!

evilcakelady   2017-01-07

It was mark's birthday cake, too! Happy birthday to our men :) Did you have to increase the recipe to fit your tart pan?

Kimberlie 2017-01-07

I didn't have to increase the recipe. I traded a 9" round tart pan for a 9" square one, so it was even-steven, as they say. And happy birthday to Mark.

Milagritos   2017-01-07

Kimberlie, what a great idea having your friends make a wish on behalf of Captain Canada! Your tart makes for a lovely birthday cake...so enticing. And why not wear an old t-shirt? Sometimes comfort trumps anything to else!

Kimberlie 2017-01-07

Hi Milagritos! Thanks for your nice words. As long as Rick liked his birthday dessert, I'm happy. And yea, old t-shirts are trump.

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