1 janvier 2015



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Elle   2017-01-08

Well done, Kim. I think it turned out great!

Catherine   2017-01-08

The puffy dough is beautiful and I think the final spiralled bread was beautiful too. That bowl is enormous! I love it.

Michele   2017-01-08

Kim: LOVE that spiral slash! I'm a big coward about slashing but have recently begun to take the plunge a bit more often. If I'm really feeling timid I do it soon after shaping the loaf! :-) I know that's cheating...but I had to start somewhere. I noticed that you put your dough whisk to good use! Anyway, your beer bread looks great!! I ran out of malt powder but it does add a distinct flavor to the recipe. Get some and try it! I like this recipe, and make it often.

Kimberlie 2017-01-08

I'm a bit of a coward with the slashing too. Maybe my blade just isn't sharp enough, but I have trouble getting it to do what I want.

Vicki   2017-01-08

The interior crumb looks so soft and nice. I like the design you made on top. Toast makes every bread better!

Kimberlie 2017-01-08

Hi Vicki, Thanks for your nice words. It made great toast for breakfast.

faithy   2017-01-08

I forgot to ask, did you taste that bitter taste of beer in the bread?

Kimberlie 2017-01-08

Hi Faithy, I did taste the bitter a little, but when I toasted it, the bitter went away. I think you're right about the bitter flavour though. What Jeniffer did with the bread (making hamburger rolls) was such a good idea because she married the nature of the bread to the nature of the BBQ. So good.

faithy   2017-01-08

Your bread looks great.. and i like how you plate the bread up. So pretty that last photo. Is that your breakfast or how you normally eat breakfast?

Kimberlie 2017-01-08

Not how I normally eat breakfast, with the sunflowers and all.

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