1 janvier 2015



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Rose Levy Beranbaum   2017-01-07

i love the cutter you used--unbaked and baked it looks spectacular as does your pastry. it tempts me to go back to making it by hand!

Kimberlie 2017-01-07

Thanks Rose. Coming from you, it's really nice. I'm going to keep going with my hands and forego the machines where I can. We'll see what happens.

Michele   2017-01-07

Kim: I made the best crust ever, and it's thanks to YOU! I was so inspired by your tutorial that I made my pastry by hand (partly) and it is perfect!! Do look at my blog because I give you full credit!!

Kimberlie 2017-01-07

I went to see. Your crust was beautiful. Isn't it satisfying to make things with your hands (except for the manicure).

Joan   2017-01-07

Wow! I love all that you said! Smear? That is what I was try not to do. I think your experience will serve to help me to better learn to make dough. I think the freeze-dried elderberries I have left will translate better into medicinal teas. Your pie looks so pretty in your top picture.

Michele   2017-01-07

Hi Kim: What a lovely pie! Thanks for the great tutorial. I have used Rose's plastic bag method but you have inspired me to try to hand method. I like the cream cheese pastry but really prefer her butter pie crusts. Sometimes I have trouble getting the dough to hold together, as though it needs more liquid. I may do it the "smearing" way and see if it makes a difference. One thing has always dissauded me is my long fingernails--I hate the feeling of flour and butter under them! I am baking my pie today. I will probably get out the food mill and strain the seeds. If I don't I'm afraid my husband won't like the pie at all!

Milagritos   2017-01-07

Kimberlie, what a gorgeous pie! I'm so glad you made the pastry by hand. I also mix in a bowl and then smear the dough on the bench and this technique produces a far superior pastry than any machine could. I completely relate to your elderberry seed woes. Aren't they distracting? I won't be making this pie. Elderberries are uncommon here, even the dried ones. Yours is a beauty! And thanks for the wonderful pastry tutorial!

Vicki   2017-01-07

Beautiful pie! I love that technique of smearing the butter. My husband asked "Aren't you going to strain out the seeds?" which might not be a bad idea. Good to know the flavor is nice with dried as they are available all year round in the health food store

Jeniffer   2017-01-07

Goodness the elderberries are soooo, so tiny! Engaging post reading your experiences. Flower cut out on top of pie is nice :) I make pastry either way, does depend if food processor is out

Tony Bridges   2017-01-07

Great tutorial Kim! I guess I'm personally sold on the plastic bag method as it works so well for me but to see all of your steps so beautifully executed was a joy to see and read. I can't find Elderberries in my area but the pictures you gave us resemble purple currents. As always, I enjoyed your work; HAPPY BAKING!

faithy   2017-01-07

I always make the pastry by hand because I am too lazy to bring out the food processor. lol! I'm glad to see how dried elderberries look like from your photos! I think using the dried berries does make the pie looks drier isn't it? I like how you cut a flower in the centre. So simple and sweet.

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