21 janvier 2017



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MameeP   2019-01-13

Hi! I love the cookie tutorial and the stamps are so cute! May I make a suggestion for the stamps? I have a Cornbread stick cast iron pan that would ALWAYS stick when I tried to get the sticks out. I tried everything on it and nothing worked. Until...Baker’s Joy! Yes! It works perfectly on my cast iron as well as some Nordic cake pans that have intricate details. The cute details always kept my cake! Anyway, just a suggestion. I don’t have cookie stamps so you’ll have to try it and let us know if it works on them.

Kim 2019-01-16

Baker's Joy? I've never tried it. I'll search it out. I just made a Whipped Cream Cake in a simply designed Nordic Cake pan. I greased it thoroughly and floured it , on top of the non stick surface, and it STILL stuck to the pan. It was a disaster. Anyway, I feel appreciate your suggestion. So nice. I'm thinking of bringing this cookie into the bake shop. Stay tuned. Only my best, Kim

Mary Mohler   2017-12-01

I purchased these same exact stamps, but I did not have any success with them. I tried a couple of homemade cookie recipes and each time the dough would stick to the stamp so badly I couldn't even pry it out successful. I did call Nordic Ware, but the suggestions they made didn't work either. I was very disappointed with this buy. Did you season them somehow before using? I didn't. They did suggest I lightly spray them which I did and then called them back. Then they said to lightly flour them, but that didn't do. Then they said to dip the cookie dough in sugar which I didn't want any added sugar but I did it anyway and that was unsuccessful. I thought it was my dough so I tried the recipe that is shown on the box but I didn't have any luck with that either. I wanted them to work so badly.

Kimberlie 2017-12-01

Hi Mary, I'm feeling your pain. Uuggh. Let me start by saying that the dough I worked with in this recipe was on the dry side. When I used the natural PB and rough cut oats, the dough was nearly impossible. When I made the dough again with store bought PB and ground oats, the dough was better. Still on the dry side. I think this helped me. No, I didn't season them. I used them right out of the box. I only needed to flour the stamps. I would ask if your dough felt dry or wet. Also, which dough did you use? Any eggs? How warm was your butter? Did you let the dough sit in the fridge at all? Details like this might help me understand. Let me know. We'll try to get to the bottom of this. Kim

Melissa   2017-02-26

I have one of those fun stamps, what I’m curious about is the cutter. Is that cast iron? I’ve never seen one last it. I’d love to know where you purchased it!! Thank you for the lovely post.

Kimberlie 2017-02-26

Hi Melissa, Thanks for your question.The scalloped cutter I used is a thick tin. The stamp is a Nordic Ware product, made of cast aluminum. The links for where to purchase these items right in the text in a blue/green colour. The links will take you directly to the product on the Amazon.com If you purchase the product from my site, I receive a few cents commission (I'll try not to spend it in one place!). Anyway, these are terrific stamps and come in other designs. Best, Kim

Lyndsay // Coco Cake Land   2017-01-30

I love the cookie stamps!! So cute and gives them such a nice vintage feel. And I like the practical use of them - so much cuter to flatten a PB cookie with a stamp rather than a fork. ^__^

Kimberlie 2017-01-30

Hi Lyndsay, Thanks for your comment. Yes, I feel the same. The vintage look suits the peanut butter cookie.

Vicky Chin   2017-01-28

Wow, the cookie stamps made them look so pretty! I love the chocolate glaze too ! I love chocolate and my daughter loves peanut butter, we'll be fighting over these yummy cookies! Lol....Thanks for sharing!

Kimberlie 2017-01-28

Hi Vicky. Thanks so much for your message. I admit, I couldn't live without these stamps. It was love at first sight. I find them very easy to use. Otherwise, make the criss cross with a fork. I hope you give them a try. Let me know if you do.

Marisa   2017-01-27

Gosh, I need those cookie stamps in my life! How gorgeous they turned out and I'm sure they must be simply amazing. Your photos as usual are absolutely beautiful ❤

Kimberlie 2017-01-27

Hi Marisa, When I saw these stamps, I felt the same way. I had to have them. They work really well. Thanks for your kind words.

Bridget Oland   2017-01-27

These look so yummy! I have the same cookie stamps so will have to give the recipe a try. (I especially love the chocolate glaze.)

Kimberlie 2017-01-28

Bridget! You have the same stamps? Well, great mind think alike (wink). This recipe makes a sturdy dough. The oat flour adds a lovely crispness to the baked cookie. If you do get a chance to make them, let me know how you find them.

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