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Patricia Dumais   2019-02-06

An edible Chihuly sculpture – beautiful!

Kim 2019-02-07

Thanks Patricia, This image is one of my favourites. Appreciate your comment.

Colleen Milne   2017-02-03

What a great tutorial. So pretty and fun for Valentine's!

Kimberlie 2017-02-03

Thanks Colleen. I'm always striving to demystify baking with the tutorials.

[email protected]   2017-02-03

This is really cool. I've never worked with candied sugar, but I've made caramel enough times to know to be careful. I can see how this would be a beautiful treat to decorate a dessert with too. Your tutorial definitely makes it look simple and doable. Thanks, and cheers!

Kimberlie 2017-02-03

Thanks Sean. These really are simple to make. I hope you try. If you do, let me know how it went.

Julie   2017-02-02

I love your sugar pop ! What a fun idea and so pretty !!. Will try to convince Don to try it ??.

Kimberlie 2017-02-02

Sweet of you! Ahaha. I'm sure you'll have fun. Let me know.

Arlene   2017-02-01

What fun for children of all ages. This is a must for all grandmas. ? Very helpful tutorial.

Kimberlie 2017-02-01

So happy you enjoyed this post. They were very fun to make.

Terri   2017-02-01

Oh! These look amazing! And pretty too.

Kimberlie 2017-02-01

Thank you Terri, they're quite fun to make. Actually, really fun to make.

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