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19 mars 2017



TAGS:  maple   madeleines   cake       LABELS: Enfants  Savoury 

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17 Commentaires

Lauren   2017-03-27

Oh my goodness, hello maple! My husband would devour a dozen in under 3 minutes.

Kimberlie 2017-03-27

Hi Lauren, Hello maple! Funny. My husband and yours are the same. 4 cookies in each hand, 4 times a day. That's about the size of it. Thanks for your message.

Bridget Oland   2017-03-20

Yum, these look incredible. I love the maple twist.

Kimberlie 2017-03-20

Thanks Bridget. Thanks for your comment. I hope all is well with you.

Nicole   2017-03-20

I adore Madeleines and make them often. I can't get over the thought of Maple - I bet they are AMAZING! Perfect recipe!

Kimberlie 2017-03-20

Hi Nicole, If you have a thing for madeleines, then you must try these. Everyone who tried them here, LOVED them. If you do bake these, let me know how you liked them!

Laura Dembowski   2017-03-20

My mouth is watering looking at these cookies. The maple glaze makes them so pretty and totally takes them over the top.

Kimberlie 2017-03-20

Thanks Laura.

Kelsie | the itsy-bitsy kitchen   2017-03-20

I'm beyond ready for the flavors of spring! Your madeleines sound so good--maple is one of my favorite flavors.

Kimberlie 2017-03-20

I'm as ready as you for spring. Thanks for your comment. Happy you liked the recipe.

cheri   2017-03-19

Hi Kimberlie, what amazing little cookies you have created, love that they are maple flavored. Your site is easy to navigate and your pictures are gorgeous, so glad I found your blog through Sunday Suppers.

Kimberlie 2017-03-20

Thank you Cheri for your nice words. The Finer Cookie is a labour of love.

Rick   2017-03-19

Amazing, tasty...can't stop.....

Kimberlie 2017-03-20

Rick, You're an unstoppable cookie monster.

Lynn   2017-03-19

I think I just found the recipe to make, using my brand new madeleine pan... It's definitely maple syrup time here in WI and these cookies are perfect. Lynn

Kimberlie 2017-03-20

Great! Tell me how they turn out. The sugar shacks are busy this time of year here in Quebec.

Liz @ Books n' Cooks   2017-03-19

Your main photo is gorgeous. Love madeleines - definitely going to try your maple version!

Kimberlie 2017-03-20

Thanks Liz.

Andrea| From the Bookshelf   2017-03-19

I love Madeleines. I love maple. Can't wait to try them together! Thanks for sharing!

Kimberlie 2017-03-20

You're welcome Andrea.

Betty Ann Quirino   2017-03-19

I absolutely love Madeleines and with maple syrup this will be divine ! Thanks for sharing. I must try your recipe and baking tips.

Kimberlie 2017-03-20

Hi Betty Ann, Thanks so much for your message. I'm happy you enjoyed the post.

Carlee   2017-03-19

These look amazing! My father-in-law taps his own trees to make syrup. I need to get my hands on some of that syrup and a madeleine mold ASAP!

Kimberlie 2017-03-20

Hi Carlee, Really? Your father-in-law taps his trees. Well, then certainly, get that madeleine pan and some of his maple syrup. The aroma of boiling sap is unforgettable.

Wendy Klik   2017-03-19

Every time I go into a kitchen store I look at the madeleine trays but haven't taken the leap yet. This recipe has me kicking myself.

Kimberlie 2017-03-20

Hi Wendy, Yes, is my answer. Get that madeleine pan and bake. These cookies are wonderful.

[email protected]   2017-03-19

These are so beautiful! Incredible pictures! I really cannot wait to make them at home! I hope they turn out as delicious as yours!

Kimberlie 2017-03-20

Thank you Nikki, Your Maple Madeleines will turn out to be as delicious as mine. The recipe is reliable. If you have any questions, I'm always here for you.

Liz   2017-03-19

My madeleine pan needs to be dusted off! This looks like one fabulous recipe to try!!

Kimberlie 2017-03-20

Hi Liz, My madeleine pan is rusty in spots but still keeps putting out these gorgeous little tea cakes. Thanks for your comment.

Caroline   2017-03-19

I am such a fan of maple syrup and madeleines and so this recipe is perfect for me! Love the step by step photos too.

Kimberlie 2017-03-20

Thanks Caroline. I include the step by step images in all my posts because I want to show that baking isn't a mystery. I hope you try this recipe. You won't be disappointed.

Barrie   2017-03-19

Wonderful process-pictures! You make it look easy! I love maple and would adore these- I however don't have a madeline pan- but they sound delicious!

Kimberlie 2017-03-20

Hello Barrie, I'm happy you enjoyed the post. I adore maple as well. I hope you make them one day.

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