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Kat   2019-04-29

Can i leave the dough mixture in the fridge overnight so bake the cookies in tbe morning?

Kim 2019-04-30

Of course! The dough will likely feel a little firm when just out of the fridge, but should soften up quickly with the warmth of your hands. The dough would probably benefit with an overnight stay in the fridge. Thanks for your question, Kim

cyrus   2018-12-16

I didn\t know how much cinnamon to roll them in but they still tasted great : and we were able to make them gluten free :D

Kim 2019-01-23

Hello Cyrus, In fact what looks like cinnamon sprinkled on the top is actually muscovato sugar. It's a fruity, flavourful sugar that's well worth the effort to locate in your local stores. It's not always easy to find. Substituting cinnamon for the muscovato sugar is a excellent solution. Spicy cinnamon blended with lemon and corn flavours works perfectly. BTW, your website is beautiful. Many thanks for your comment, Kim

Chastity   2018-12-02

These are so good. Actually made these for a cookie exchange party. The only change I did was add the juice of half a lemon. It so enhanced the flavor! Will be making these again!

Kim 2018-12-16

Hello Chastity, I like the idea of adding more lemon juice. Thanks so much. Best, Kim

Jeoanna Wong   2018-01-17

I made this for my sons class....he had a native American Indian project about their food and diet and I came across this recipe and thought this would be interesting.....and it was a hit ?...they were really tasty and my picky son even liked them?!!

Kimberlie 2018-01-18

That's good news. Everyone who tried this cookie really liked the texture. I'm especially fond of the lemon and cinnamon topping. Keeps me coming back for more. Thanks for being in touch! Hope you try other recipes. Best, Kim

Hadi from Niche Beasts   2017-08-11

This looks amazing. Definitely a very unique recipe. Thanks for sharing :)

Kimberlie 2017-08-13

Thanks Hadi. Appreciate your thumbs up!

Laura   2017-06-18

Excellent the cookie looks awesome. The above process for making this type of cookie looks very easy. I love it! Thanks Kimberlie!

Kimberlie 2017-06-20

Hi Laura, Thanks for your comment. Yes, this cookie is super easy to mix and bake. I hope you try them. If you do, let me know what your thought. Best, Kim

Diane   2017-04-30

Oh Kim, Kim... how can I lose weight with your recipes? Just tried those. The lemon zest combined with cinnamon is delicious. The crunchie side of the cornmeal makes those cookies a must and not only in spring.

Kimberlie 2017-05-01

Thanks Diane. I feel the same about these cookies. Happy you like them.

Judy   2017-04-29

You say to add an egg, but the ingredient list does not show an egg????

Kimberlie 2017-04-29

Hi Julie, thanks for letting me know. The error has been corrected. Really appreciate you saying.

Terri   2017-04-28

Very interesting - I have never heard of corn cookies! I imagine they would taste similar to cornbread, which I love, but in cookie form. Yum - will be trying these!

Kimberlie 2017-04-29

Cornbread is more of a cake, whereas these cookies are crunchy. All about the texture.

Marisa   2017-04-28

These native American corn cookies are completely new to me but they look incredibly delicious. Kim, your photography is always so gorgeous!!! :)

Kimberlie 2017-04-29

Thanks Marisa.

Sean   2017-04-28

What a lovely and unique looking recipe. I've never made cookies with cornmeal before but I'm pretty interested now. The zest added to the dough is exactly my kind of thing too (plus I bet it balances the flavours out nicely).

Kimberlie 2017-04-29

Thanks Sean. Cornmeal makes cookies crunchier. I hope you try them out.

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