3 mai 2017



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Lianna   2017-09-28

Of the sampler box I was lucky enough to receive these were my children’s favourites, and high on the list for me as well.! Scrumptious brownie inspired cookie perfect with a glass of milk, or coffee. I will try to recreate, but probably never replicate ?

Kimberlie 2017-09-29

Hi Lianna, Thanks so much for your feedback. Out of the oven, the Brownie Cookies are incredibly hard to resist. The staff here nibble on them until they're packed up. Your children have good taste. I'd be happy to bake more for you at anytime in the future. Best, Kim

Diane   2017-05-13

For the chocolate lover I am, these taste like heaven!!! No kids to bake them for me ... no problem, did it myself. Didn't have Cocoa nibs but they still taste great. Specially with a glass of milk. Thanks Kim

Kimberlie 2017-05-14

You're welcome Diane. So happy you liked these brownie cookies. I adore them too.

Shelley   2017-05-06

I made these cookies today (a half recipe, because I didn't have enough chocolate on hand). It made 20 cookies and let's just say I ate quite a few. They are fantastic. A bit of feedback though -- I went out and bought the cocoa nibs (should have picked up more chocolate too but didn't realize until it was too late). They add a nice crunch but they were so expensive and I don't think worthwhile, considering I only used a TB and I can't imagine what I will do with the rest of the bag now (and they were $15). I think next time I would use toasted walnuts for some real brownie-ness. One question though, how much salt does the recipe call for? It is not specified in the ingredient list, but the instructions include salt. I threw in a 1/4 tsp for the half recipe and it worked out but I may as well know the correct amount. (I emailed you this question earlier but answering here is great too.) Thank you!

Kimberlie 2017-05-06

Hi Shelley, Many thanks for your feedback. First I'm thrilled you baked these cookies and liked them. I made two batches and found myself eating them for breakfast, so I packed them up for my neighbour. Yeah, the cocoa nibs are a bit pricey. I rather like them for their texture. But fear not, there are many other ways to include them in future baking. You can add them to biscotti, pecan shortbread and chocolate chip cookies too (even with the walnuts). Or you might like them folded in an espresso flavoured chiffon cake. Or a pinch on ice cream. And about the salt, you caught my error. For that I say thanks. I've corrected the ingredient list. Technically, the cookie can take up to 1/2 teaspoon of salt. You might find they taste a wee bit rounder with more salt. Next time. My editorial calendar is full for the remainder of 2017. Please stop back to see what's new. All the best, Kim

Nicoletta @sugarlovespices   2017-05-05

Oh my goodness, these cookies... I don't have any kids that can make them for me, but maybe we can make them together with my husband for our fun time in the kitchen and then enjoy them one after the other :-) . I simply adore Smitten Kitchen's recipes, and I had missed this one. Thank you!

Kimberlie 2017-05-05

Trust me, you'll have trouble walking away from these, especially when they're fresh and warm. Thanks for stopping by.

Natalie Browne   2017-05-05

I would love it if my kids made me these for Mothers Day :) Maybe I should print the recipe out and leave it where they can find it, lol. These cookies look delicious and so wonderfully chocolatey.

Kimberlie 2017-05-05

This recipe was made for kids. They can't make a mistake. They'll love you for loving these cookies. It'll be a proud moment!

[email protected]   2017-05-05

Can't go wrong with cookie and brownies in the same title! I think I'll just leave this open right here so my kids will see it. :) They LUV to bake!

Kimberlie 2017-05-06

Hi Terri, I made sure this recipe was kid easy. I hope they leave you a couple.

Charlotte   2017-05-05

These sound so perfect for when I can't decide whether I want brownies or cookies! Also, that blue mixing bowl is beautiful - where is it from?

Kimberlie 2017-05-06

The blue mixing bowl was a wedding gift. It came from somewhere in Vermont. Anyway, I hope you try these cookies...I mean brownies...well uh, whatever.

Vicky Chin   2017-05-05

They look soooooo Delicious! If my kids made these, I think they would eat them all ! Well, maybe they would save me one .......lol....Thanks for sharing!

Kimberlie 2017-05-06

You're welcome Vicky! I hope your kids mix these up for you.

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