28 juin 2017



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Rita Gordon   2017-07-13

Hello Kimberlie, Hope you are doing well, back into the everyday life after your relaxing and recharging week with us here at Gordon's Park, lol, are you ready to come back yet:) Thank you so much for the great review on facebook, we appreciate it very much, every bit of advertising helps! Also, I was wondering if you had a simple cookie idea that we could make for our solar eclipse party? Challenging your talents on this, lol:) Kim, I was wondering what you would charge to make and mail to us these yummy looking salted caramel chocolate chip cookies. It would be fun to surprise our staff and to relate your visit with these delightful treats. I can etransfer you the funds to pay for them, please let me know via email to [email protected] Ms Executive Cookie Maker:)

Kimberlie 2017-07-13

Hi Rita, Thanks so much for your message. I built this post at your resort, which was why you saw me working away at my computer, when I should have been hiking and canoeing. I could easily make these Salted Caramel Cheesecakes for you and the staff. I'll e-mail you privately to discuss this further.

wendy   2017-06-29

where is the recipe for the salted caramel? Or is it just store bought??

Kimberlie 2017-06-29

Hello Wendy, Many thanks for bringing this omission to my attention. The ingredient list and instructions for the Salted Caramel are now available. To answer your question further, absolutely purchase a Salted Caramel if you prefer. There're no rules against it. Making your own will take no more than 10 minutes once you get organized (mise en place, I mean). Either way, you'll enjoy it. I wrote this post at a picnic table on Manitoulin Island in Ontario, Canada. This is a beautiful island full of history, culture and natural scenery. On the north side of the island is Georgian Bay and on the south is Lake Huron. My dog is to the moon with all the swimming. Admittedly, I was distracted. Thank you again for your comment, Best, Kim The Finer Cookie

Karly   2017-06-29

SWOON. These are the perfect addition to my 4th spread! Gotta try em!

Kimberlie 2017-06-29

Hello Karly, Swoon is a word that describes this cheesecake. I hope you make them and enjoy them. Let me know how they turn out. Many thanks for your comment, Best, Kim

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