17 septembre 2016



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Sandy Malanchuk   2017-10-09

I believe that the measurement for the butter should be 1/2 cup as 4oz, or one stick does not equal 1 cup. Am I correct in assuming this?

Kimberlie 2017-10-09

Oh my. You are 100% correct. Many, many thanks for bringing this discrepancy to my attention. This error went right by me. The error has been corrected. Best, Kim

Diane   2017-03-04

The smell of pumkpin all over the kitchen is great on that cold winter day. Thanks Kim

Kimberlie 2017-03-04

I remember. What I love.

Terri   2017-01-03

I just baked a batch. They are to die for! Just the right amount of spices with the pumpkin and chocolate. Addictive. I wasn't sure how long to whisk the sugars and melted butter - whether to leave it on the stove or remove from heat. I kept it on the the stove for a bit on low heat. I noticed the dough was sticky as mentioned in the recipe but it did firm up in the fridge as expected. I scooped it and baked them up. They came out just right. Brilliant recipe!

Kimberlie 2017-01-03

Hi Terri, Wonderful to hear of your success with these cookies. You only need to whisk the sugar and butter long enough to dissolve the sugar and any lumps. Once that is complete, you can let the butter cool a bit. It doesn't ned to be hot when you add in the flour mixture. Try not to eat them all in one day because the pumpkin will taste better on the following days.

Joan   2017-01-03

This pumpkin chocolate cookie recipe looks so good.. Cannot wait to try them.

Kimberlie 2017-01-03

Hello Joan, After you taste them, please let me know what you thought. They're super easy to mix and bake up. Thanks for leaving a message.

Hilary from Cocoa Bean, The Vegetable   2017-01-03

What a great recipe! I loved the mix of pumpkin, spices and chocolate. Thanks for letting me taste test! :) And your photos are particularly stunning for this post- great job Kim! :)

Kimberlie 2017-01-03

Hi Hilary, wonderful to hear from you. I'm very happy you liked these cookies. I think they taste like pumpkin pie.

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