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Delectable Handcrafted Cookies,
Beautifully Packaged and Shipped
Directly to Your Address, Pronto


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Yes, thank you cookies! Thank you to the one person or team that you can’t live without.  The Finer Cookie is standing by to make your Assistant feel appreciated.

Browse through our Gourmet Cookie Menu to choose from 3 sampler boxes: the Essential box filled with a great assortment of cookie flavours and textures. Order a Gluten-Free Sampler box with 6 different gluten-free flavours. Or order the Deluxe Posh and Swank box that’s filled with cookies that are the most tedious and expensive to make. It’s a very special box of cookies.

I handcraft my cookies from selected flours, butters, chocolates, nuts, seeds, fruits and other yummy ingredients. They’re low in sugar, sweet, savory, tart, and flavorful. From rich, citrusy Orange Truffles made of white chocolate rolled in sanding sugar, to buttercream dream Lemon Macarons, to Peanut Butter Cookies with Bacon (don’t knock what you haven’t tried), to—well, you get the idea.

All of my cookies are handcrafted in and shipped from Montréal, Québec, Canada—the Paris of North America, and home to some of the finest gourmet cuisine and luxury foods in the world.

The Finer Cookie is standing by to instantly gratify your cookie needs, indulge your cookie tastes, and pamper your cookie desires.

Special Order Cookies for Parties, Weddings, or Corporate Events

Want to make a friend, guest, client, or colleague cookie-happy? Reward them with cookies that create sweet memories.

The Finer Cookie offers you an extraordinary array of tasteful, delicious, and memorable cookie gifts and dessert table options for your party or wedding guests, as well as for your clients and employees. 

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