Noodle Cookies – Russian Pecan Meringues



Noodle Cookies – Russian Pecan Meringue —You may have never heard of Noodle Cookies before, but they come from a long tradition of dishes and desserts made with noodles, nuts, eggs and sugar. My grandmother used broad noodles to prepare Kugel with cinnamon. She came from the Ukraine where there’s a definitive noodle history. As far back as the 16th and 17th century, evidence shows that noodles began to appear  in Russian cuisine. Even earlier than that, noodles were known to exist in third century AD China. Today, the noodle appears in this cookie. Handmade with eggs, the noodles are rolled and crisped in the oven, folded into a brown sugar pecan meringue, then baked into a crunchy cookie. Be generous when you hand out Noodle Cookies to children, neighbours, family and friends. There won’t be an ounce of disappointment anywhere.

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