Peanut Butter Stamp Cookie


Peanut Butter Stamp Cookie — As early as the Aztecs, peanuts were roasted and crushed into paste for medicinal ointments. Not until 1898 did cereal giant John Harvey Kellogg commercialize peanut butter as a food item. Early peanut butter was dense, so the cookie dough stood up to the rigours of rolling and cutting. The criss-cross fork mark didn’t appear until 1932, when the Schenectady Gazette published the idea. The following year, Pillsbury popularized the criss cross pattern, claiming that a flattened cookie helped it bake evenly. Here, heirloom cookie stamps flatten the rolled dough ball and produce eye-catching designs.

The Finer Cookie returns to tradition with this Peanut Butter Stamp Cookie. To keep the dough sturdy, and the baked cookie tender, use oat flour, which has little-to-no gluten. The chocolate glaze balances the salty nut with sweetness. Bottom line? You’ll see family and friends stand up and cheer for these Peanut Butter Stamp Cookies.

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