March 5, 2021 - Need a gift to show your appreciation? There's still time to order for Employee Appreciation Day - March 5, 2021.


Celebrate life's special events. Send your US & Canadian friends & family a box of gourmet cookies! Remember a birthday. Congratulate new parents. Mark the purchase of a new home, and lessen the gap left by social distancing.

"Here at Epik Hotel Montreal, luxury is central to everything we do. Whether we host an event or cater to the comforts of an out of town guest, our beautifully appointed boutique hotel depends on suppliers who value quality and consider each detail when preparing our orders. I’ve called The Finer Cookie twice. The first time, they delivered a lux box of gourmet cookies for a VIP guest. The second order, The Finer Cookie baked fresh macaron in orange, coconut and vanilla. The flavour and texture was spot on. Everyone loved them. Thank you for a good job. I can count on The Finer Cookie to deliver an exceptional product, on time and as we agreed. I have confidence that our next order will be handled with the same professionalism."

Ulrich Desson

"At Gallerie Gora, we host weddings, corporate events, holiday parties, birthdays and bridal showers. Many times over the past year, The Finer Cookie has prepared large quantities of truffles in orange, lemon and sometimes peppermint. Guests delight in the refreshing citrus and eat them up. There's never one left behind. With every order, I trust The Finer Cookie will deliver a quality product on time and at the agreed price. Thank you Kim for making the most delicious confections. Working with you is a pleasure."

Lyne Dubé


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