Deluxe Posh & Swank Cookie Gift Box

This exquisitely-packaged Lux gourmet cookie gift box comes in two sizes. 

Free shipping with a minimum order of $75 to a single address to anywhere in Canada and the United States! some restrictions apply.

The large box of gourmet cookies contains 6 cookies each of the 6 premium flavours

6 - Lemon Macarons

6 - Orange Truffles

6 - Bacon Fat Gingersnaps

6 - Maple Madeleine Cookies

6 - Chocolate Shortbread Cookies with Malted Milk Buttercream

6 - Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies

Total is 36 cookies in the large box.

The medium box contains 6 lux cookies each of 4 premium  flavours:

6 - Bacon Fat Gingersnaps

6 - Lemon Macarons

6 - Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies

6 - Orange Truffles

Total is 24 cookies in the medium box

PLEASE NOTE: These Swanky cookies are temperature sensitive and need to stay cool during shipping. For this reason, the Swanky Box is best for local pickup. However we are happy to ship it insulated for an additional $15, espcially during the summer months. Please indicate your preference in the Notes section.


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Gourmet Cookie Gift Boxes filled with the best gourmet cookies


The best corporate gifts for employees and clients now include boxes of
individually wrapped gourmet cookies. The Finer Cookie offers you fresh,
handcrafted gourmet gift boxes stuffed with the best gourmet desserts available

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