Essential Finer Cookie Gift Box

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This beautifully-packaged Essential Cookie Gift Box comes in two sizes. Both are filled with Finer Cookie favourites.

Free shipping with a minimum order of $75 to a single address to anywhere in Canada and the United States! some restrictions apply.

The large box contains 36 cookies, six of each of our 6 best-loved flavours:

6  - Chocolate Brownie Cookies
6 - Chocolate Molé Cookies

6 - Chock Full of Everything Chocolate Chip Cookies

6 - Salty Sesame and Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies

6 - Lemon Cookies with White Chocolate and Mint

6 - Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies
Total is 36 cookies.

The medium box contains 24 cookies, six of each of our 4 best-loved flavours:

6 - Chocolate Brownie Cookies

6 - Chockfull of Everything Chocolate Chip Cookies

6 - Salty Sesame and Dark Chocolate Chip Cookies

6 - Lemon Cookies with White Chocolate and Mint

Total is 24 cookies.

Signature Gold Rimmed Gift Box is included in both sizes.



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Gourmet Cookie Gift Boxes filled with the best gourmet cookies


The best corporate gifts for employees and clients now include boxes of
individually wrapped gourmet cookies. The Finer Cookie offers you fresh,
handcrafted gourmet gift boxes stuffed with the best gourmet desserts available

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Hi Kim,Thank you for shipping our Christmas gift package to Upstate NY! Unwrapping each cookie was a visual treat and the taste of each cookie was like a little piece of heaven. These truly are the Finer Cookie - everything from the beautifully engineered packaging, the pretty cookie wrappers and labels, and the gourmet cookies themselves. Added to that, it\s a treat to see the cookie recipes posted on your web page with the clear instructions, beautiful images and graphics. Your brand is top notch in every way. C\est formidable!!Thanks again and Happy New Year!Marilyn B. and family
Marilyn Baumgras (2018-12-30)
That’s easy. You think of people you appreciate, like or love. You send them a Finer Cookie box of your choice. A couple of days later you will feel being the most generous person in the world because you had such a great and delightful idea. Because the lucky people receiving these cookies will tell you! But I know it is all about the basic: perfect superior cookies, impeccable presentation, fast delivery. And a remarquable dedication in the kitchen at The Finer Cookie! That’s it!
Thank you very much The Finer Cookie for the Smells like Fresh Cookies box. It arrived quickly, looked great and everything inside was super fresh. We absolutely loved the Chocolate Brownie Cookies and the Chinese Peanut Cookies the most, but were really surprised by the delicious Lemon Cookies with the White Chocolate and Mint. The whole lot was fantastic! We shared the box (even though we didn’t want to lol) with our staff and they agreed that these were some of the best cookies that they had tasted. Once again thank you so much!

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