Molé Cookies

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Chocolate Molé Cookies kick with authentic Mexican molé sauce made of smoked chipotle peppers, herbs, spices—and cinnamon! With every bite, the heat builds. You then wash these chiquitas down with cold milk, iced coffee, or a bottle of Dos Equis.

Ingredients: All-purpose flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, cinnamon, butter, brown sugar, salt, vanilla, chipotle pepper, dark chocolate.

Each cookie is approximately 2 1/4 inches in diameter.



Freshness Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our ultimate concern. As soon as your cookies are out of the oven and sufficiently cool, they’re carefully packaged in clear, food-safe bags for maximum freshness and safe delivery. To ensure freshness, we ship our cookies on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for orders received before Wednesday 10am (EST). Orders placed on other days or on holidays will be shipped the next available shipping date. Please call us if your shipment isn’t to your satisfaction.

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    John S

    This is no ordinary chocolate cookie, wait for the subtle peppery kick that comes a few seconds after your first bite. Delicious in every way!


    What the eyes can not know, the tongue reveals … Watch out, these are GOOD! Need to satisfy that chocolate craving but want ONLY ONE cookie? These combine all the spices that pair best with chocolate in one bite. And just like a good wine, wait for it … I really loved them.


    This cookie is super interesting. It has similar flavor profiles to molé, it’s nice and chocolatey and has a little spicy kick to it. Very nice.


    Lovers of cookies around the world, you must try these: Holy Mole is the most superb cookie I’ve ever bitten into. Gentle smokiness of chipotle balanced with cinnamon and generous chunks of chocolate. Every bite was divine perfection. Jaw-dropping. knee-buckling.

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