March 10, 2015


When I was a kid, my class celebrated Purim and we ate Hamantaschen. I didn't like them. They were a pasty bore. I remember thinking that since Haman (the Hamantaschen's namesake) was a bad man, that's why the Hamantaschen didn't taste good (these are the machinations of little girls)! So, when I saw that we were making Hamantaschen this week, I at least felt willing to re-experience what I remember as being an unpalatable "treat." When they were baked and cooled, I tasted one, and they were nothing like I remembered. The fragrant filling made so much sense to me. They are genuinely delicious, and if I had only been given THESE Hamantaschen when I was a kid, I would have been a lot more enthusiastic about Purim.

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  • I actually bought Turbinado sugar and used it in the pastry. My food processor didn't reduce the granulation much, in spite of my shaking the machine while it was running. I just used the coarser sugar as is and continued with the recipe. It came together normally, and I refrigerated it overnight.


  • Thankfully, I had some Apricot Lekvar leftover from the Ischler. It was surprising to me how the poppy seeds absorbed the milk.

Beautiful poppy seeds before they were ground
Beautiful poppy seeds before they were groundPoppy seeds after they were ground.
Poppy seeds after they were ground.Apricot, honey and lemon.
Apricot, honey and lemon.

  • Thankfully, I had some Apricot Lekvar leftover from the Ischler. It was surprising to me how the poppy seeds absorbed the milk.

The poppy seeds with the milk, honey and lemon.
The poppy seeds with the milk, honey and lemon.


  • I found the whole experience was fast and fluid. I rolled and cut the pastry, weighed the poppy seed filling onto each cut out, and wet the edges with water and a finger. I glazed and chilled them for 30 minutes while the oven heated up.

Cutting the hamantaschen pastry.
Cutting the hamantaschen pastry.

Hamantaschen ready for the oven.
Hamantaschen ready for the oven.


  • I baked them and took them out when the pastry was nicely browned.


  • I simply put a spoon of lekvar in a small bowl with enough water to make it pourable, then I spooned a small amount over the poppy seed filling and with a small brush, smoothed it out. The Hamantaschen with the lekvar looks a bit like cataracts, but they tasted good warm.

Hamantaschen, The Finer Cookie.
Hamantaschen, The Finer Cookie.

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Michele   2017-01-08

Looks beautiful, Kim! Mine didn't hold together nearly that well! I will try them next time with some other fillings.

orins goodies   2017-01-08

fast and simple, as a kid I always waited for Purim so i can have some Haman cookies, they had a similar texture to the ones we made.

Kimberlie 2017-01-08

Lucky for you. The hamantaschen I grew up with were awful! Now I know better.

Monica Caretto   2017-01-08

I could not get onboard with the poppy seed filling, but then baking is all about thinking outside the box.. right? Your shaping looks so perfect.. I had an ops moment there and lost half the dough to shaping it wrong.

Kimberlie 2017-01-08

Thanks Monica. I'm going to see now.

Marie   2017-01-08

I'm glad you liked the poppyseed filling. I was beginning to think that I was the only one who did.

Kimberlie 2017-01-08

I liked the texture and the tradition.

Rick   2017-01-08

The extras that I had went around the office like a brush fire. I had two coworkers actually follow me to see if there were any left after making the rounds. They got one more each in the. They thought it was the greatest thing.

Glori   2017-01-08

They are so perfect looking! Cataracts! Priceless. Love your beauty shot too.

Kimberlie 2017-01-08

Thanks Glori, You're a sweetheart.

faithy   2017-01-08

Your Hamataschens look perfect! You made me laugh when you said the ones with lekva looked like cataract..and i had to look again and see..and it's true. LOL!

Kimberlie 2017-01-08

Thanks Faithy. While nothing is perfect, I appreciate your kind words.

Patricia Reitz   2017-01-08

I'm glad they're not called cataract cookies - lol! At any rate, your hamantaschen look perfect!

Kimberlie 2017-01-08

Thanks Patricia. Look forward to seeing your post.

Vicki   2017-01-08

Perfect Hamantaschens!

Kimberlie 2017-01-08

Thanks Vicki, your look great too!

Mendy   2017-01-08

They look wonderful. I also never tasted hamentashen like this! How can someone so bad taste so good? :) Blessed is the true judge who took Leanard Nemory (alav hashalom) from us. Have a Happy Purim!

Kimberlie 2017-01-08

Thank you Mendy, my fellow Trekie! Happy Purim back.

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