Almond Coffee Crisps

Almond Coffee Crisps

December 19, 2015

I love the taste of coffee and I like crispy things; so in the end, these wafers stole my heart—my kind of cookie every which way: not too sweet, a finish that is refreshingly bitter, with a satisfying texture—the world is right with these cookies in hand.

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  • Everything seemed to go as instructed, but the dough was way too soft to wrap in plastic. There was no way the dough would hold any shape, so I transferred it to a bowl and refrigerated it until it was hard. I suppose the butter got too warm in the food processor, but even while I was rolling the balls, the dough was getting very soft, very fast. Hhhmm. Don’t know why.


  • I weighed each portion, and got out my ruler (I hear my friends sighing) so I could have some idea of the correct size. Then I began laying out the dough on the tray: 15 or so per tray. I went back to the recipe, and Rose said to leave at least 2.5 inches between each unbaked cookie. Really?! These little cookies need that much room? I acquiesced. Thank goodness for intuition.
Baked cookies after the espresso.
Baked cookies after the espresso.


  • Wow! Shocking the transformation. Beautiful! I brushed espresso powder on the top and tasted one right away. I am in love with the bitter finish. What a winner of a cookie.
An alternate shot! Almond Coffee Crisps The Finer Cookie
An alternate shot! Almond Coffee Crisps The Finer Cookie.


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