Chocolate Brownie Cookies

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Chocolate Brownie Cookies look like cookies but they taste and chew like brownies. They combine bittersweet chunks and unsweetened cocoa with very little sugar. Eat them anytime —but at breakfast, with a mug of coffee, and a bowl of strawberries, they’re a fudgy, buttery and blissful way to begin your day.

Ingredients: fresh unsalted butter, unsweetened (100% chocolate solids), 70% chocolate, dark roasted unsweetened cocoa powder, bleached all-purpose flour, baking soda, light brown sugar, white sugar, eggs, vanilla extract and salt.

Each cookie is approximately 1.75 inches wide and 1 inch tall.



Freshness Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our ultimate concern. As soon as your cookies are out of the oven and sufficiently cool, they’re carefully packaged in clear, food-safe bags for maximum freshness and safe delivery. To ensure freshness, we ship our cookies on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for orders received before Wednesday 10am (EST). Orders placed on other days or on holidays will be shipped the next available shipping date. Please call us if your shipment isn’t to your satisfaction.

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    Izabela Dobrowolski

    Chocolate! I love chocolate. These cookies are delicious. Not too sweet, not too chocolatey, just perfect. Every morsel leaves you wanting more. Thank you Kim.


    Guaranteed satisfaction for all chocolate lovers and will convert the skeptics! Beware small portion may lead to addictive level of consumption : In other words, crazy delicious.


    If you like chocolate and brownies, there is no better cookie in the world that I have tasted.


    These cookies are out of this world, makes me think how hard life would be without great cookies. So yummy, thanks Kim!

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