Orange Chia Seed Cookies – Vegan

The Aztecs believed Chia seeds gave them an energy boost and in many ways, we feel charged by them too. We’ve hopped onto the Chia Seed bus to explore its many flavour qualities and textural opportunities. First, the crunchy sugar coating, then the light and fluffy crumb and finally, the POP of the chia seeds – Orange Chia Seed Cookies make a beautiful summertime choice. They are super fresh, not too sweet and vegan all the way.

Ingredients: All purpose flour, vegan white sugar, coconut oil, orange juice, almond flour, maple syrup, chia seeds, crushed whole almonds, apple sauce, orange zest, baking powdered, salt, cayenne, smoked paprika.

Each cookie is approximately 2 inches round.



Freshness Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our ultimate concern. As soon as your cookies are out of the oven and sufficiently cool, they’re carefully packaged in clear, food-safe bags for maximum freshness and safe delivery. To ensure freshness, we ship our cookies on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for orders received before Wednesday 10am (EST). Orders placed on other days or on holidays will be shipped the next available shipping date. Please call us if your shipment isn’t to your satisfaction.

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