January 1, 2015

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Everyone who's tried these brownies loved them. I served them to unexpected guests. Rick brought them to the office and he (and the brownies) became a quick favourite. It seemed that they could do no wrong. I enjoyed them best when the buttercream was super soft. Then they were just gooey and melty all over the place. This ensemble is fantastic; however, the buttercream over the brownie just didn't land in my butterfly net. Yes, it added texture, but didn't justify the doubled calorie count. For me, in the end, I prefer a plain brownie--one that’s dense, shiny, crackly,and heroic. Thrill me with that, and I'm forever yours.

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  • Again, this was quick and easy,

The cocoa and sugar.
The cocoa and sugar
Brownie batter is beautiful.
Brownie batter is beautiful.
Brownie batter going into the prepared pan
Brownie batter going into the prepared panChocolate brownie batter ready for the oven.
Chocolate brownie batter ready for the oven.


  • I found that the center came to 190 degrees in the first 20 minutes, but the edges weren't close to being set. So I waited for the edges to be firm, leaving the center temperature way past 190. Based on the texture of the finished brownie, I think I baked it correctly, but I'm still not sure.

Notice all the testing pokes.
Notice all the testing pokes.


  • How many times does one have to separate white chocolate before she learns not to over heat it? I thought that the butter would temper the chocolate so I took my eyes off it and left it too long. WRONG. I get so irritated with myself when I did stupid stuff like this. It's such a waste of money. So, the second time, I melted the butter then took it off the heat and added the white chocolate a little bit at a time. This way, it melted perfectly smooth.

Melting white chocolate into the warm butter.
Melting white chocolate into the warm butter.

  • I added the egg and cooked it to 160 degrees, but isn't 168 degrees the minimum temperature that an egg is cooked. I think I read this in the Cake Bible.

The finished custard.
The finished custard.

  • Also, when I measured the custard for the final buttercream, it measured something like 265 grams!, when the recipe called for 306 grams. It was so strange. My first thought was something was wrong with my scale, but I tested it with known items and it seemed fine. The only other cause would be evaporation, but holy holy holy. Can white chocolate custard evaporate that much? In spite of this, I got lots of volume with this buttercream. You can see it in the finished product.

The white chocolate buttercream.
The white chocolate buttercream.This step is finished.
This step is finished.


Chopping the chocolate
Chopping the chocolate

  • I did it again: the chocolate separated while making the ganache. What the%*@#. On the second try, I saw a few droplets of cocoa butter appearing, so when I stirred in the rum, the glaze came together perfectly. I then went back to my original mess and added rum to it too, and poof, like magic, it emulsified. So in the end, I didn't have to remake the ganache a second time. But what's going on with me lately???

The glaze is shiny and emulsified after the booze.
The glaze is shiny and emulsified after the booze.Really delicious.
Really delicious.
The final stage complete.
The final stage complete.


  • The brownie block lifted out of the pan easily and a hot blade slid through the layers easily. I didn't go to the trouble of levelling the brownie with a serrated knife, and I probably should have. I didn't take much care to cut them straight.

Woody’s Black and White Brownies, The Finer Cookie.
Woody’s Black and White Brownies, The Finer Cookie.

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