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Strawberry Shortcake Genoise, The Finer Cookie.

I once had a discussion with a Parfumier who believed that taste was secondary to the nose. She explained that one will experience the fragrance of a strawberry before one actually tastes it. I said, strawberries don’t have a fragrance, unless they’re warm, and even then it’s a stretch. But she insisted that the reverse is true. This Strawberry Shortcake Genoise is so intensely strawberry that I couldn’t help but recall that conversation. Does my nose taste these strawberries or is my mouth doing the work? I concluded that what was happening was not in my nose, but dans ma bouche. For sure.
Incidentally, I think that I prefer Strawberry Shortcake with traditional shortcake to genoise. While the texture of the genoise is beautiful, a cake that is dense and a little crusty, a cake that soaks up the juices, and softens even more with whipped cream is my preference to the light, delicate and airy genoise called for in this recipe.

  • strawberry shortcake genoise the finer cookie

    These are the fresh strawberries prior to macerating.



    • Using the 6 cup individual Marianne pan all the ingredients needed to be reduced in volume, but for the frozen strawberries I used the regular amount. It's a good thing because I didn't get nearly the amount of juice from them I should have.
    • For the puree, I whizzed up the remaining strawberry into a puree and set it aside.


    • Everything went together easily,
      raisin walnut tartlets the finer cookie

      The beurre noisette.

    • strawberry shortcake genoise the finer cookie

      Warming the eggs and sugar.

    • strawberry shortcake genoise the finer cookie

      Folding the batter.

    • strawberry shortcake genoise the finer cookie

      Filling the cups.


    • Before syruping the cake, I removed the crust off the bottom of the cake.
      strawberry shortcake genoise the finer cookie

      Removing the crust from the cake.

    • The sugar seemed to make the syrup too thick so I added a little water until the consistency seemed loose enough to moisten the cake. Being that I didn't want the cake to be pink on the outside, I only applied (with a squeeze bottle) the syrup to the bottom and in the inside of the cake,
      strawberry shortcake genoise the finer cookie

      Syrup the cakes.

    • and then wrapped each individually so they wouldn't dry out.
      strawberry shortcake genoise the finer cookie

      Cakes in plastic wrap.


    • I did not want to buy seedless strawberry jam, so I microwaved a few more frozen strawberries to render the juice and mixed it with apple jelly. I did this because the pectin sets the whipped cream nicely. Then I added the strawberry "jam" into the cold cream.


    • I filled each depression with strawberry puree
      strawberry shortcake genoise the finer cookie

      Laying the strawberry jam into the cakes.

    • and laid the fresh strawberries over the puree.
      strawberry shortcake genoise the finer cookie

      The stars of the show front and center.

    • strawberry shortcake genoise the finer cookie

      I spooned a little left over syrup over the strawberries.

    • Then I placed a dollop of strawberry whipped cream over top.
      strawberry shortcake genoise the finer cookie

      Strawberry Shortcake Genoise, The Finer Cookie.


    1. Catherine 5 months ago

      I really like the individual cakes. I’m going to make them for a dinner party very soon – but first I need to buy that pan… I like your apple jelly trick, that will come in handy.

    2. Milagritos 5 months ago

      Kimberlie, how fab do your cakes look! These mini cakes are adorable. I think that taste depends largely on fragrance, but still, the flavour has be there. Your photos and description captured the berries’ essence so well. Beautiful.

    3. Nicola Blackler 5 months ago

      Perfection! I am buying myself a squeeze bottle right now – surely it can’t take up too much space?

      Gorgeous photos as usual… I need some of that light in my house!!

    4. Michele h 5 months ago

      My mouth is watering and wanting to have some…….

    5. evilcakelady 5 months ago

      I love how generous a dollop you gave each cake. Syruping with a squeeze bottle is a great idea!

    6. Marie 5 months ago

      I think the nose/mouth thing is pretty instantaneous, but my frozen strawberries had almost no taste and the fresh ones had a lot–maybe smell has something to do with that. Whatever….what I really care about is how delicious they look!

    7. orin 5 months ago

      Mmmmm….look so good specially with the whip cream on top!!

    8. Vicki 5 months ago

      Really beautiful, Kim

    9. faithy 5 months ago

      So cute and adorable and pretty!! I love them as minis!

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