Chewy Chocolate Rum Raisin Cookie

Texture reigns supreme in this Chewy Chocolate Rum Raisin Cookie. We’ve doubled the rum soaked raisins (yes, we’re using real rum). Mix in the dark roasted cocoa powder. Then we toss in extra dry roasted almonds. Finally, we bake them until the outside is crisp and the inside stays soft. The result is chewy, crunchy and moist morsels of dense fudgy, rum-mie cookie. This description is no overstatement. Every person who tries them must have a second.

Ingredients: Powdered sugar, dark roasted almond, unsweetened dark roasted cocoa powder, raisins, real rum, all-purpose flour, egg whites, espresso powder, salt and vanilla.

Each cookie is approximately 1.5 inches in diameter.



Freshness Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our ultimate concern. As soon as your cookies are out of the oven and sufficiently cool, they’re carefully packaged in clear, food-safe bags for maximum freshness and safe delivery. To ensure freshness, we ship our cookies on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for orders received before Wednesday 10am (EST). Orders placed on other days or on holidays will be shipped the next available shipping date. Please call us if your shipment isn’t to your satisfaction.

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